Our Story

Hello! I'm Dani, I own, teach and eat copious amount of cake at Blue Door Bakery. I eat, live and dream about cake. Seriously, I know it's a cliché but I totally do. I've run my own cake business and I'm absolutely passionate about sharing my love of cake decorating and knowledge with you.

Everything I do every day still has that as the guiding principle. I want all of my visitors to have a relaxed and brilliant day, in a fabulous setting, whilst learning the best skills the cake world has to offer.

I run many cake decorating and sugarcraft classes suitable for a complete beginner, a hobby baker or if you are looking for professional skills for wedding and celebration cakes. I provide everything you need for the class and a yummy lunch on full day classes. 

If there's anything you can't find or would like to know any more info, please get in touch.


 Dani x