Buttercream Guide

In this Online Class Guide we'll teach you to make and pipe our own super simple, perfectly fluffy buttercream icing. It includes everything I've learnt about making and using buttercream over the last 8 years. That's a lot of mistakes I've made so you don't have to... I'll guide you through every step, from buying ingredients to storage, explaining our own techniques with hints and tips. You'll learn all the skills you need to pipe with confidence every time.

- Your ingredients, which to choose and why.
- Your equipment, the kit that really helps.
- Master our perfect vanilla buttercream recipe.
- Amounts of buttercream needed for various numbers of cupcakes and sizes of big cakes.
- How to pipe our classic cupcake swirls and rose swirls.
- How to perfectly flat ice cupcakes with a palette knife.
- 2 Different styles of two-tone piping.
- Help with bursting piping bags, bubbly buttercream, making black buttercream and any other questions you might have.

When you buy this guide, you'll be emailed the info on how to download it directly from our website. To download or view your guide, please log into your account. Once logged in you’ll see a tab marked Downloads. Your file will be there ready for you. Any problems, please email us at hello@bluedoorbakery.co.uk The 37 page PDF guide will then be yours to use whenever and wherever you fancy. The guide includes our recipe for our vanilla buttercream that we use in every single class we teach. There are clear written instructions and photos showing you everything you need to know.

If you have any questions about the guide, we're always super happy to help. Ask away at http://www.facebook.com/bluedoorbakery.

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