The Cake Business Class

Do you struggle with building your business? Where do you start?

Or wonder how to get the most out of social media? How about that daily struggle with pricing your cakes?

During this 6 week ONLINE course, I will be your cake coach. Together we can build up your business, self confidence and get you to the stage where you believe you are worth the correct pricing for you. I will show you how to effectively use social media for gaining customers and promoting your business. We'll be working through branding, your business image, photography skills, advertising and marketing and much much more.

Each week we will be working on new and exciting projects for you to grow your confidence, grow your business and gaining more followers.

As well as that, you'll have various weekly print outs such as templates, worksheets, planners and organisation, posting schedules, motivation and inspiration.

Its perfect for brand new businesses or established businesses.

You'll recieve all the information each week to you by email. You'll also be invited to a private facebook group especially for my mentor friends, where you are free to ask questions, get in touch with me and join in with my live chats to you.

 This exciting 6 week course kicks off on Monday January 13th. Lets start in 2020!!!!!!

Week 1 - Pricing - How to price correctly so you actually take a wage and cover all your costs

Week 2 - Instagram and Facebook - How to use both platforms effectively to gain business

Week 3 - Photography and creating new content - How to take better photographs to show off your cakes resulting in more clients

Week 4 - Advertising and marketing - Where to reach your target market and how to gain their custom

Week 5 - Newsletter and sign ups - Signing up for a newsletter, why, how and all the bits in between

Week 6 - How to keep motivated and inspired - When it gets tough, you have to keep going and keep motivated.

Please note you do not have to have a facebook account to get involved. All information, plans etc will be sent by email. The facebook group is just an added extra. But you will get much more out of this plan if you join the facebook group. This is an ONLINE class, NOT a studio class. You can work at the pace I do or at your own pace when it suits you. There is no set schedules for anything. Its a very relaxed course enabling you to fit this in around child care and work. You do not have to be availble at the time listed, this is just a guide line. You can take part in / watch the videos etc at a time that suits you.

Once youve booked your place, you wont hear from me again until Jan 13th where I will send you all the info needed to kick off your business



The pacing of the classes are excellent and you always leave with a real sense of achievement

Debbie, Warwick