Flawless Finish Cakes

In this class you’ll master some of the cake decorating skills needed to acheive a perfect cake everytime.  We’ll share the secrets to layering cake and how to work with ganache for perfectly straight edges. If you struggle to acheive a smooth, round, level, flat cake, this is the class you need. Great for taking your cake skills to the next level. In this class you'll learn...

  • Perfectly preparing a round cake using chocolate ganache.
  • Our ganache recipe, which chocolate is best to use and why.
  • How to cover the cake with sugarpaste for a completely flawless finish.
  • Achieving beautiful and perfect sharp edges.

You’ll take home your completed cake which is from sweet success. All equipment you use during the day is here ready and waiting for you. Full notes of the day are included. All you need to bring is an apron. This is a short class from 10-1. 

You will be required to bring a face covering and an apron to wear. Face coverings are mandatory during classes and you will be required to wear one at all times. This can be either a face mask or face shield. Social Distancing rules apply. There is plenty of hand wash. You will be required to keep within your work area and keep your work area clean and tidy. There is anti bac spray and clean cloths to do this.

* This class teaches the skills to get a flawless finish on your cakes. The more you practise, the better your result will be as you familiarise yourself with the techniqies*

Please choose the date you book carefully as we aren’t able to offer refunds if you cancel or can no longer attend due to any circumstances. You can read more on this on my Ts and Cs here..https://www.bluedoorbakery.co.uk/about/terms-and-conditions

The pacing of the classes are excellent and you always leave with a real sense of achievement

Debbie, Warwick